Words Spilled

sharing words.
reflecting experiences.
exposing me.

I wish for one thing
To be invisibly seen
By the entire world.

Remember Me

you all left
I was             alone.
only one did
yet I feel as
if I do not
believe you’ll
stay - you have
always been
here but I am
really scared.

You’ll always
love me - I will
always love you.
Please don’t forget me
I will stay in touch with you.

curiosity widens the eyes

holding nothing in view

as endless possibilities arise

no definite solution visible allowing

grumbling noises to loudly

emerge from the pit of my gut.

changes stir.

It has been sometime
since the world has unwinded
itself in a way that somehow
each day she smiles even more
grateful for the sun that shined
down on the food that grew to
be cooked and enter her belly.
A feeling of certainty, knowing,
trusting overcomes as she listens
to what is inside while paying
attention for the cues out.
Continuing through time a feeling
old and familiar gently enters in
the most graceful manner-slowly
arising to expose that it is here
once again and has no plans
to retreat away.

Be the best YOU you can be today. Keep on grindin!
Set your standards high and improve your relationships. You teach people how to treat you with your reactions to what they say and your actions to what they do. Make sure you treat others how you want to be treated and do not accept anything less than what you offer. You matter and you deserve the best.
When you wake up - ask yourself first thing “what am I grateful for today?” Be thankful for all you have and the air you breathe.
Giving the opportunity of life as a human is rare. How do you choose to spend your time?
Keep taking small steps … It will lead you where you need to go.
Focus on the steps you can take today to lead you to your dream. Make big dreams happen!

When you look
into somebody’s eyes
can you see their
every thought or
what’s running
through their mind

Does the ray of light
shinning on their
mysterious gaze
make you know what
they have gone through
over however many days.

Can you tell how
much pain has been
brought by the days
of rain from the

Dealing with Disappointing Relationships: Change Your Expectations

Make 2014 the best year full of wonderful relationships!

with Time

532 days.
                                of texting
                                of laughing
                                of enjoying
       each other’s company.

12768 hours.
                                 of listening
                                 of learning
                                 of mastering
     words true and believable.

Mutual feelings.
          Spoken differently.
                    Love demonstrated. Felt.

Doors Closed

I think back to the days
when I would come over
for play dates
and we would
explore the world
being adventurous
energetically carefree.

It was simple
how our friendship worked
no tall tales behind
each others backs
no feelings were hurt
no secrets
no lies
no whispering.

We were all best friends
hanging out together.
A group formed quickly
and divided even quicker.

Stories embellished
to promote one’s own
popularity, creating
laughs and turning me
into the black sheep.

I learned not to trust
any of you.
Skepticism became my
new best friend.

The best thing I thought
was to leave it all
forget everyone and
begin somewhere else new.

That place didn’t really
seem quite for me either.
So I returned. Some
accepted me back with
open arms, but I still
couldn’t trust it.
I didn’t know who any
of you were anymore.
I struggled opening up
and accepting you all.

I wish I could have done it.
I wish we did reunite.
I have forever wanted to
be back in the group.

But the group is not for me.
It never was. It never will be.